Taylor Swift Took Her Giraffe-Looking Self on a Date with Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift walks like those tall girls who’ve stooped down forever just to fit in. They contort and bend their necks lower and lower so that people don’t bash them for their height. So, you’d think Swift, who clocks in at 5’10”, would finally stand loud and umm, proud, next to her main man, Calvin Harris. Harris hits the scale at 6’5″ aka Peyton Manning height. But no, Swift still walks around with a hunchback like she’s scrounging for something that can never be found.

Sooo not the way you’d expect one of the 100 most powerful women to walk. Forbes rated 100 of the world’s women in terms of, well, something, maybe power or influence, and Swift made it at #64. She beat out people like Zhang Xin at #69, worth $3.4b and who built a massive real estate empire in China. Better than #64, Rosalind Brewer, who runs Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. And definitely better than #72, Elizabeth Holmes, who runs Theranos, which will revolutionize blood tests, and is worth $4.6b. So, basically, this Forbes list doesn’t mean s**t and they put Swift in there to sell a few copies to Millennials who have zero clue what a Forbes is.

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