U2’s ‘The Edge’ Regrets Choice of Nickname After Walking Off the Side of the Stage in Vancouver

After years of driving non-hearing impaired people everywhere over the edge, U2 has finally sent one of their own over the edge, and it was… The Edge.

In an ironic citation of names, U2’s guitarist, David Howell Evans, known as ‘The Edge’, took a tumble off the side of the stage during Thursday night’s show in Vancouver. In the least rock-and-roll moment, Evans took a slow casual stroll down the stage before Three Stooging himself right into the audience.

Evans deserves some credit as U2 really does enjoy employing the thin runway style of stage allowing them to get close enough to fans to boost their egos to catastrophic levels. Alternatively though, the edges of the stage are lit up brighter than an airplane runway, so they’re pretty hard to miss and walk off.

The Literal Edge has suffered minimal physical injuries and maximal ego injuries. Reportedly, he is feeling self-doubt for the first time in years. “Didn’t see the edge, I’m ok!!” Evans Instagrammed along with a picture of his bruised arm.

"Didn't see the edge, I'm ok!! #U2ieTour

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Stay tuned for sad, high angle selfies accompanying Death Cab for Cutie lyrics.

The moral of the story: people will make fun of you if you make up your own nickname and if your nickname is ‘The Edge’ you should really watch yourself around edges.

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