Well, You’re Finally Old Enough to Live Through the First Film of a Remake, ‘The Craft’ Edition

In the midst of the teen and insert-sexy-mythological-creature-here craze, Sony has decided to remake ‘cult film’ The Craft, leaving us to wonder what does it take to actually qualify as a cult film?

Hollywood usually lets a movie fester for around 30 years in a purgatory of mostly-forgotten hell left only to reminiscently watch while mocking the special effects, but this witchy horror has been brought back to life, to the dismay of 30-something women everywhere, who are still enjoying the nostalgic limbo.

Twitter is ablaze with the cries of a generation to not ruin the fond memories of their short, fishnet-ed, goth phase posing the question, will today’s pop-centric, weird-is-cool, generation of teen girls really get the whole dark witchcraft thing? Perhaps we’re entering an era of neo-goth. Take this time to imagine goth hipsters running around and just try to not yell the words, “get off my lawn.”

Because we know you’re sitting on the fence as to whether or not to buy stock in black eyeliner, we’ll let you know that, for a remake this movie seems to be starting right. Sony has locked on indie-horror writer and director Leigh Janiak, writer Phil Graziadei known for Honeymoon which premiered last year at SXSW (oooh, let the hipness begin)and secured the original producer Doug Wick (and bring in that goth).

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