Wheelchaired Woman Wins Treadmill on ‘The Price Is Right’

As the Internet has probably informed you, Danielle Perez, “woman in a wheelchair”, just won a treadmill on The Price is Right.

How will she use her treadmill? Probably like the rest of us.

For those who are lucky enough to have a treadmill gracing a large amount of space in their home, they are already aware of the bountiful benefits other than walking exercise. For those in the world who do not have this luck, some of the popular alternate uses for a treadmill include: coat rack; large, expensive, sculptural “art” piece; dangerous indoor jungle gym; and constant reminder you are out of shape and not one of these that would pose a challenge for Perez.

More aptly it could be suggested to Craigslist the hell out of that new treadmill just like most people do after it’s sat the mandatory of three years unused in their home but, with all the attention Perez is getting she may want to hang onto her new win as a trophy and reminder of the hilarious day or for her coined “wheelie” enjoyment.

Perez recounted that, in an awkward moment, everyone working on the show including Drew Carrey, the producers, and models made a point not to acknowledge the uncomfortable situation.

“They cut it out, but you could feel the audience go silent,” Perez said of the moment she was presented with the treadmill. “It was like ‘that is not right, that is inappropriate.’”

Perez on the other hand was amped up for the win.

“Before that I had no saunas and treadmills,” Perez joked, “Now I’m rich with saunas and treadmills.”

With this positive can-do attitude Perez should team up with OK Go and treadmill their style.

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