Adam Scott Talks About His Tiny Prosthetic Penis for ‘The Overnight’

Earlier this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Adam Scott regaled Kimmel with the tales of the tiny prosthetic penis he wore for the movie The Overnight.

“In the movie Jason [Bateman] has an enormous dong and I have a very small… dong”

To which Kimmel reassures Scott “when in real life the opposite is true.” “Absolutely in real life the opposite is true,” Scott agrees.

The penis narrative revolves around Bateman and Scott walking around, for all intents and purposes, stark naked on set for a good two full days. Sporting their penis covering prosthetic penises, Scott talks about the ease they felt gallivanting about set with their false sense of covering. “Any real man would enjoy seeing me naked,” Scott reassures.

The two enjoyed time hanging out in their embellished birthday suits and grabbin’ snacks at the catering table. “At one point I just had Jason stir my coffee with his penis,” Scott shared, upsetting everyone there was no video of the giant prosthesis-wielding Bateman barista-ing a beverage.

Now, if you’re interested in what type of non-triple-X scene the duo was filming and not just the fact they thought it’d be funny to use a dong coffee stirrer, Scott gave the 411 on that too. Basically, the two and their wives are having a dinner party arranged to occupy the hangtime they scheduled for their kids, when it turns into a penis-pulling-pulling-out-play-date for the husbands – just your average dinner party.

Since Scott is also a producer for the film, Kimmel questions why he chose to be the small-sized fella to Bateman’s monstrosity. Scott laments:

“I have been asking myself that question now for a full year. It’s so weird that I chose this role. I probably could have done either one but this is the one I choose. What’s wrong with me?”

Then changes his tune:

“Maybe I just wanted to know what it felt like to have a small penis.”

Scott also tells of the extensive penis preproduction required for the movie, telling of the long email chain required to pick out peckers using iPhones for scale.

“They sent the picture of the small penis next to the iPhone and Mark [Duplass] and I were like ‘Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah,woah, woah, that’s the small one?! Uhh yeah sure that’s the small one.’ We suddenly just felt like what’s been happening with my life and my penis.

“It must be like the iPhone 6S right?” clarifies Kimmel. “It was definitely not the 6+,” Scott quickly stated.

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