Amanda Seyfried Went Topless in a Play

Amanda Seyfried is starring in the Broadway play The Way We Get.

The Way We Get By follows Beth and Doug, two people who wake up together following a drunken wedding reception they both attended. Forced to question how much they really know about each other and how much they care about what other people think, the two face a very awkward encounter revolving around love, lust and the whole damn thing.

More importantly, she takes her top off. If you’re wondering, that didn’t bother her in the least.

“No, not really. I have a very European sensibility to all that. It’s a little shocking to some people, but most of the play is shocking. That isn’t really something I think about anymore.”

And as luck would have it, someone recorded the scene during the play. You brave, brave man. Your contribution to society will not go unnoticed. Link to the GIF here.

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