Amy Schumer Drops a Huge Tip When She Learns Her Waiter is a Student

Amy Schumer leaves a 1000% tip for a working college student and I don’t think I could love her any more.

For those of us who understand the life of schlepping a heavy schedule to still not be able to afford life, our jealousy is seething after one lucky (I guess lucky)? waiter hit Amy Schumer’s good side.

Schumer, who was dining at Peter’s Clam Bar in Island Park, got into a conversation with her server Ryan, which personally makes me jealous enough, only to find out he is a “college student working two jobs to fund his education” according to Page Six.

Amy obviously saw this as an opportunity to make Ryan’s life and make the rest of us hustling for the weekend (and you know groceries) super, ridiculously jealous. The comic left a $500 tip on a $49 bill which equals out to a 1000% tip. Excuse me while I go get a tippable job somewhere Schumer frequents.

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