Apple Decides to Kiss Taylor Swift’s Ass

Earlier, Taylor Swift penned an opus explaining why she wouldn’t put her album, 1989, out on Apple’s new streaming service. You can read it here if you feel like taking a short nap. Basically, Apple decided not to pay artists any royalties on the streaming service’s initial three month trial period. That didn’t sit well with millionaire Taylor Swift. She called it “shocking, disappointing, and completely unlike this historically progressive and generous company.” She wanted to call it more, but ran out of time reading

Apple decided having their balls squeezed by Swift wasn’t worth it. Eddy Cue, VP of Apple, said:

“I did reach out to Taylor today, and talked to her, and let her know that we heard her concerns, and wanted her to know that we were making changes..She was thrilled to hear from us and that we were making the change, and we were grateful for that.”

No doubt, Apple wants Swift’s album on their streaming site and will do anything to get it. Even bend over for Swift and take it like a trooper.

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