The Best in Bestiality, Man Arrested for Trying to Have Horse-Sex for Third Time

Here’s a fun trivia question: how many times do you have to be arrested for trying to have sex with a horse before you stop doing that and move on to horse-like women? Well, the answer is surprisingly not three times because Cirilo Castillo just hit that record and doesn’t seem to feel a lot of remorse.

45-year-old Castillo, who is obviously from Texas, not only has been arrested thrice for sexual acts on horses, he has been arrested as a repeat offender in the same barn on the same horse. But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is a horse.

While Castillo was just taken into custody on June 2nd for the charge of criminal trespass, it was in the early morning of February 17th he was found in the manger of his love. Suffering a leg injury that turned out to be a break, the boy who cried horse-f**k explained to the owner and police he had been struck by a car and crawled to the barn for shelter. Investigators are putting their money on Castillo suffering trauma from a horse kick.

After his 2012 horse-public-lewdness-incident which led to 270 days in jail, the barn’s owner did a crappy job of scaring the horse lover who got caught being a little bondage-y with her horse, Nadia, in 2013 prior to this third arrest. Since verbal warnings weren’t working, the owner went for the surveillance camera method noticing Castillo had a thing for the same lady. Putting up a camera in Nadia’s corral, Hidalgo County Sheriff revealed: “We have a hell of a surveillance tape, it is not going to go to America’s Funniest Videos, that is for sure.”

For his most current infraction, Castillo could be looking at 180 days in jail for criminal trespassing. His prior run-ins left him with 270 days in jail for public lewdness and five years probation for animal cruelty respectively. Maybe the third time is the charm before he switches over to Sarah Jessica Parker lookalikes.

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