Charlotte McKinney Overcame Childhood Bullying Despite Her Quite Large Breasts

Charlotte McKinney should be a success story to anyone who’s had to endure bullying as a kid, or even as an adult. In Venice magazine’s Summer 2015 issue¬†, McKinney remembers how kids picked on her because she had bazooka breasts at age 14. She had those breasts…at age 14. That’s remarkable. Just…remarkable.

This is still difficult, but important to talk about — especially if some young girl out there gets comfort from the fact she’s not alone. It’s just the pack mentality of being ganged up on . I’ve had this body since I was 14; it’s all natural, but believe me, it wasn’t an asset back then…I was verbally attacked, teased and talked about for years.

Damn.¬†Life sure is messed up. People hating on McKinney for having awesomely large, beautiful breasts. Is there no justice in this world? Hopefully, some nice young gentleman comforted her and saw beyond her ginormous boobs. Hard to do with an equally gigantic erection, but still, let’s hope it happened.

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Ronald Schwartz
Ronald Schwartz
9 years ago

What courage!