Chris Brown Ran Into His Ex, Guess What Happened? The Answer May Shock You

After three failed attempts to understand E! News’ article title, “Chris Brown Confronts Ex Karrueche Tran During Intense Run-In—Get All the Details,” this writer skipped to the article to find some context.

So apparently Karrueche Tran is a person. Her name was really throwing me off. According to Hollywood Life, she is a model and is best known for dating Chris Brown, that is, until they broke up in March when she found out he had fathered someone else’s kid. Actually knew that bit but, it would not be surprising to me otherwise.

In other related developments that don’t surprise me, apparently Brown was acting like a child when the two ran into each other for the first time since their end: buying the table next to Tran and Co., following them outside, getting in and refusing to leave Tran’s Uber. He’s even been caught shouting at one of the group to, “move back or he will make a fucking scene.” You just made a scene Chris, a scene on that Uber bill. I don’t care how rich you are, getting held up when you know you’re paying at least partially for time is not something anyone wants.

But none of that was enough for Chris who decided to “Say Anything” Tran’s house but, instead of it being a cute, heartfelt, Cameron Crowe moment, it was just Brown shouting and demanding that he speak with Tran. That’s the way to win her back, Chris!

Apparently one of Tran’s friends or neighbors wasn’t wooed by Brown’s attempt to charm and called the cops on him to add just another infraction to his personal record; he’s just really not good with girls, is he?

For some unknown reason Friday, the next day, Tran decided it wasn’t the worst idea ever to speak to him, as long as she brought her bff. In a twistless and unsurprising turn of events, the three broke into a shouting match leaving Tran to fall back into her old habits of purposefully avoiding him which to me seem both immature and additionally intelligent.

The model is apparently over having fans tag her and her ex-bf on instagram, hearing his songs on the radio, and having drama in general. “I’m not about the drama,” she touts explaining she wants to keep it cordial and positive. Ahhh, while that maybe doesn’t seem accurate at least we have all learned a very good lesson today: don’t date Chris Brown. Just don’t. I’ve learned a lot today. Learned aaaa-lot.

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