Chris Pratt Runs Around in High Heels and Women Love Him Even More

Chris Pratt is turning into an everyday celebrity superhero, someone guys wanna crack a beer with and women want to bang. Right after they take off his high heels. Even watching him run around in high heels, women would think “oh, that’s cute…” Whereas if Jack from work does it, suddenly they don’t wanna go out with him. Fame. It makes your bank account and dick bigger.

The Late Late Show had Jurassic World stars, Pratt and Bryce Howard, on the show. Host James Corden asked if Pratt could run around in high heels, like Howard does in the movie. Pratt, ever game, dons some red pumps and away he goes. Some Hollywood exec saw this clip and just wanted to remake Tootsie with Pratt. One because Pratt’s box office gold now. And two, Hollywood has no new ideas.

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8 years ago

The man is on a roll. Chris can probably get away with super-kicking Betty White into a coma on Christmas Eve.