Chris Pratt’s Ego Growth Directly Related to His Weight Loss

Star magazine’s (via Celebitchy) June 22nd edition displays its concerns for Chris Pratt’s diminished humility since becoming more famous, a phenomenon that happens to no one.

Chris Pratt’s once down-to-earth attitude has gone extinct. Friends of the Jurassic World star say that his ego has grown right along with his star power. “Chris has definitely developed an attitude,” the friend tells Star. “He tells handlers in advance what he will and won’t answer in interviews, and he shoos fans away if they approach him.”

Obviously, Star cannot think of another reason behind this behavior change besides, “oh my god, Pratt’s gone Hollywood!” There is clearly no chance that maybe when you become more famous you get slightly more inundated with intrusive interviews and obsessive fans. That doesn’t happen.

The gossip magazine goes on to speak for Pratt’s wife, Anna Faris:

Even his wife, Anna Faris, is embarrassed by his behavior. “Chris and Anna were arriving to an event, and the coordinator suggested Anna exit the limo first,” recalled the friend. “Chris said, ‘Hey, dude, isn’t that advice above your pay grade?’ He meant to be funny but he just came across as arrogant, and Anna was embarrassed.”

Oh no he meant to be funny but was misinterpreted?! Whhhhat an asshole. Faris probably never had to deal with goofball Pratt’s misread humor ever before. (To be fair to Star, it wasn’t his best comment.)

Even Chris admits he was “more fun to be around” before his weight shrank and his career exploded, and Star’s insider agrees: “His ego has almost surpassed his fame.”

I’m sorry, what person isn’t more fun when they’re drastically decreasing their life expectancy with food and beer? Everyone wants to see someone down a 7 lb breakfast challenge plate, nobody wants to hear about your run; that’s just how it is.

Maybe his Andy persona has affected me, but it’s gonna take this blogger more than some star “evidence” to believe Chris is Tom Cruising.

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