Donald Trump’s Recent Rich Person Comments Get Him Thrown Off NBC

Well, Donald Trump just got infinitesimally less filthy rich after his recent immigration comments caused NBC to disassociate with him, Miss USA and The Apprentice.

Donald Trump recently made some lovely comments about how much disdain he has for Mexicans entering the United States calling them all “rapists and criminals”. This action quickly led Univision to end business with the Trump Organization of Blind Hate, as well as a petition calling NBC to drop Trump programming being signed by 200,000 people.

NBC took note and cancelled the upcoming Miss USA pageant, an event that’s about as creepy as it is stupid. They didn’t have to worry about canceling The Apprentice, though, because the super rich asshole is running for president, like for reals this time! Well that is, he’ll run until he doesn’t win the Republican seat then it was all a joke, you guys! Next time for sure!

It seems if NBC will retain The Apprentice, but have a different host; I’m hoping for an immigrant, preferably from Mexico. It’s a slim chance since it’s basically a requirement to be a white male if you want to be a CEO.

A network hasn’t been named to air Miss USA but, let’s go ahead and guess Fox. Maybe they’ll even lay into it and just throw it up on Fox News.

The best part of Trump’s trumpy actions? He released an official Trump Organization text post on Instagram, totally defeating the purpose of the application, calling NBC weak, solidifying his hate of illegal immigrants, and making sure everyone knows he’s all about Making Our Great County Great Again (yup, he sure used those caps) in what can only be assumed to be via capitalism and white men.

Statement on Relationship with NBC-

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Since he’s very seriously running for president, I’m going to start brainstorming slogans, “Trump for President! Without your slave labor and lack of health insurance he can’t keep the wealth disparity growing!”

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