Enrique Iglesias Slices Open Hand After Grabbing Drone Cam, Is Upsettingly Unembarrassed and Draws Bloody Heart on Shirt

Well, Enrique Iglesias grabbed a drone camera during his concert and not surprisingly injured himself. Feel free to make song parodies with the lyric, “Do you know what it feels like cutting off your hand in Tijuana, Mexic-ohho;” it works, I checked.

Saturday night, Iglesias decided his audience really needed a POV shot. For some stupid reason, grabbing the drone camera mid-show is a normal occurrence for him. This time, he made a fateful mistake and grabbed the wrong part, the part that is carbon fiber and spins really fast.

Despite slicing his hand open and having his stageside medical professional tell him to stop his concert and get immediate medical attention, this genius decided to continue on for 30 minutes. It’s possible he’s trying to toughen up his image. Let’s all hold our breath for Enrique Inglesias screamo.

“Another example of his professionalism!” said his publicist Joe Bonilla. No, that’s another example of his stupidity, Joe. That’s another example of his stupidity.

After the 30-minutes of blood t-shirt tie-dying (yup, he drew a blood heart on his shirt) and unrelated cringeworthy music, the singer was flown to L.A. to meet with a specialist and is now in reconstructive hand surgery. On that note:


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