Giorgio Armani Proves Fat, Rich Guys Never Have to Apologize for Their Bodies

Only idiot guys work out. Smart guys get rich, eat good food, walk around like fat whales and beat women off with a stick. Exhibit A, for awesome, Giorgio Armani. You know him, the guy might be hanging off your nut sack right now. Or hiding in your drawers. Dude made bank off underwear and clothes and now, he’s free to drag his fat, portly body all around Formentera, Spain.

If you don’t know Formentera, you’re either not Spanish or not rich. Either way, you’re screwed. This guy looks like this and still has 18-year olds girl hanging all over his loose, flabby body.

You know what you have hanging? Cheeze Whiz. On the sides of your mouth. Get a napkin, you’re embarrassing yourself.

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7 years ago

Ah I see, body shaming is acceptable, so long as the target is male. Check.