Hannah Davis and Her Cleavage Won ‘Our New Girlfriend’ Award at Spike Guys Choice Awards

Awards shows love making up nonsensical categories to lure celebs into attending. They sat around wondering how to reel in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit cover model, Hannah Davis. ‘Best bikini bod’ sounded too lame. Hey, how about ‘Our New Girlfriend’? Bingo.

They need to put up Davis against Anastasia Ashley. Where’s the new girlfriend award for Ashley? Recount! Check out their Ashley’s Instagram versus Davis’. Who would you rather hang out with?

Hannah Davis with douchey boyfriend, Derek Jeter:

#metgala my favorite pic

A post shared by Hannah Jeter (@hannahbjeter) on

or Anastasia Ashley with her equally hot girlfriends. The choice is obvious:

#tbt What up fam?

A post shared by Anastasia Ashley (@anastasiaashley) on

Of course, when Davis mashes her breasts together, it’s a closer call. But still…

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