High School Love Always Works Out, Kylie Jenner and Her Boo Tyga to Wed

Another Kardashian, well Jenner, is making an irreverent life choice: Kylie Jenner and Tyga plan to get married this August.

After a whirlwind romance publicly starting 13 weeks ago, RadarOnline is now reporting the two lovebirds plan to be married shortly after Kylie turns 18 this summer. As a FYI, Tyga is 25. Everyone knows marrying the person you fall in love with at age 17 never fails. Here’s hoping it takes Kylie less marriages than Kim to be happy.

RadarOnline also reports the couple plans to move far away to New York or Europe which is surprising because I thought the Kardashian powers only worked if their powers were combined, like Captain Planet.

“Kylie is done with the constant criticism and micro-management from her family, especially Kim, and she’s dead set on going her own way as soon as possible.”

Uhh yeah obviously, she’s 17. Mazel tov, Kylie and Tyga, you crazy kids.

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7 years ago

Good choice. As we all know, there’s nothing Team KKK respects more than the sanctity of marriage. Stomp on the glass and eat the broken shards, scumbags.

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