Hilary Duff Got Rejected by Seven Men

Single moms everywhere feel vindication after an anonymous on-air Hilary Duff got rejected 7 times. Duff played the “Too Much Information” game on the “Kyle and Jackie O Show” where she was connected anonymously to a call with eight men who were told to hang up when they heard something they didn’t like. While none of the questions could actually be defined as TMI (come on, where is the “I have severe IBS” admittance?), Duff was quickly left with only one lucky suitor.

Incognito Duff told her phone dates she has a good job, she likes to cook, drink wine, and likes dogs more than humans. The first beau proverbially right-swiped after she said she wanted a man who can make her laugh and has a good personality. “I like funny banter,” Duff added. Way to know yourself, random man, not everyone can have a personality.

Duff continued revealing that she was a single mom, which immediately gave her two dial tones. And then there were five.

Apparently, some of those five were living the life of unemployment (hello, they were calling into a radio show mid-day) because two dropped off the line when Duff stated, “If they didn’t have a career yet, I’d be OK with it- but I’d hope they were working toward something. If they’re straight unemployed then no, I’m good.” Rough, Duff.

The last man standing was the only one of the final three that could tolerate Hilary letting two of her dogs sleep in her same bed.

The winner of the Hunger Games? Tony, who got a chance to ask Hilary a question and chose, “What do you do for a living?” After asking he added, “not that, that matters, but what do you do?” Nice call, Tony, nice call.

Hilary, glazing over the major fact she is ultra-famous, replied, “Well we discussed that I’m a mom, but I’m an actress and I’m a singer.” Show host Kyle Sandliands kindly added, “She’s an international superstar! Hilary Duff, the singer and actress. Do you know Hilary Duff, Tony?”

Taken-aback-Tony responded, “Absolutely I do, 100%.”  He also called the other callers idiots.

‘All those idiots! They were like ‘oh single mum, f**k that, I’m not hanging around, no thank you…’

Kyle, being a general jackass, told Tony, Hilary would now give him her number, but she’ll probably never give him a call. “Never say never, I went on Tinder,” Hilary replied and also gave the world hope that, that is the title of a new Hilary Duff song.

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