Jake Gyllenhaal, Emilia Clarke, Cara Delevingne Do Their Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Impersonations

Amazing that a line from The Terminator can survive so long. It’s part of the American lexicon: “I’ll be back!” and “Hasta la vista,baby”. Right up there with Ace Ventura’s “Alllllrightee then!”. Jake Gyllenhaal, Emilia Clarke and Cara Delevingne joined Arnold Schwarzenegger on The Graham Norton Show to pimp out their products. This time, Arnold didn’t try to scare anyone with his wrinkly face.

Evidently, in one of those “I’m just a regular person having fun” moments, the stars broke out their best Ah-nold impersonations. For some reason, Delevingne started by face licking Arnold’s face. Umm…are sun spots contagious? Yea, don’t do that. Delevingne broke out  a weaaaak “I’ll be back”. Put some effort into it!

Clarke did a passable “Hasta la vista baby”. 6/10. Gyllenhaal, proving that he’s the actual actor out of this whole trio, did “There izz no bathroom” from Kindergarten Cop.

Watch the Graham Norton show tonight or else @schwarzenegger @emilia_clarke @tiniegram #JakeGyllenhaal

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Just in case you don’t remember the Kindergarten Cop line, you can watch this video and also wait for the Hollywood remake that they’ve decided to ruin memories with.

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