Just When You Thought #JurassicZoo was the Best Thing, #JurassicKids

What is questionably more terrifying than velociraptors and zoo animals of all sorts? Children. That’s right, think of the times you’ve been scared by each; children win hands down.

It started with a walrus keeper deciding the movie’s iconic moment needed to be recreated and preserved in his own life. The #JurassicZoo tagged photo idea spread like wildfire to every sort of animal keeper, as it should. You’re lying if you’ve seen Jurassic World and you haven’t pretended your pet isn’t a dinosaur.

Chris Pratt took the game up to a new level when visiting Our Lady Of The Lake Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, wrangling his newest dangerous game, little kids. It’s your turn world, try to best Chris Pratt again. If nothing else, do it for the internet. I’ll be waiting.

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