Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Hug Which Means They’re Totally Doing It. Suck It Selena!

You’d think this was just Justin Bieber hanging out with Hailey Baldwin. But nah, it’s all a ploy to make Selena Gomez jealous. Hollywood is high school with fame and money. Taylor Swift’s busy collecting friends and plotting ways to overthrow Katy Perry. Katy Perry wants to fight back in her own way. Selena Gomez’s dating Zedd either to make Bieber angry or get some beats for her new songs. Point is, no one actually dates anyone because they like them, right? Everyone’s┬áscheming is levels deep. Baldwin probably wants more fame and Bieber’s happy to stick it to Selena and stick it in Hailey at the same time.

He even Insta’d that s**t. He’s committed to the game for sure.

The one and only @haileybaldwin

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There’s even video of their jet ski excursion. Watch their fans silently line up to gawk at the couple. So orderly. It’s as if ISIS rounded them up for their last walk.

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