Katy Perry Allegedly Writing Taylor Swift Revenge Song Because No One in Hollywood Understands Maturity

Acting like an adult in Hollywood, it’s overrated. Just ask Katy Perry and Taylor Swift who are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars over a feud that boils down to some backup dancers wanting to switch from Swift’s to Perry’s tour for non-malicious reasons.

When Taylor premiered “Bad Blood”, it was an obvious Selena-Gomez-wig-dig at Perry. This left Katy Perry with one clear option: laugh it off saying, “silly adult high-schooler”, while brainstorming another object suited for the creation of a Katy Perry bra. This dummy chose to escalate. You go down to her drama level and she will beat you with experience, KP.

It seems that’s exactly what Perry has planned since she’s registered a new song called “1984″ in a seemingly obvious dramatic move. Like Left Shark slapping you with a Weird Al-style Swift parody, or at least that’s what I’m expecting out of this situation.

Apparently, Perry wants to show the world “the real Taylor”. You mean the one who is mentally stuck in high school and goes through boyfriends seasonally? Yeah Katy, we all know that, she just makes catchy jams. Cupcake Boobs is allegedly teaming up with John Mayer, who’s dated both of the duo, for excess dirt. We all know John Mayer sucks, like, he just sucks but, how is even he not above this?

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