Looks Like Deflategate Doesn’t Worry Tom Brady

If you’ve won four Super Bowl rings, a scandal like Deflategate gets brushed off like wayward lint. Even if you dance like a white boy, people aren’t gonna say, oh yea, he dances like a white boy. They say that dude’s got four rings. Respect.

Tom Brady and his bro tight end, Rob Gronkowski, wiggled and waggled on the dance floor at the New England Patriots’ ring ceremony. That’s where they give millionaires gaudy jewelry to commemorate making old white people lots of money. Brady and Gronkowski sweated up a storm to Migos and Fetty Wap. Wiz Khalifa was even there. Owner Robert Kraft tried raising the roof, but arthritis prevented him from getting his arms up all the way. Brady is a tall, good-looking football god who goes home to sex up Gisele Bundchen and gets paid bazillions of dollars. You know what you are? Not him.

Brady’s expression in the second video looks like he’s wondering if he walked into the right party. Quizzical to say the least.

Gronk and Brady gettin it crackin at the ring ceremony party. #corporate thuggin. Thanks @wgd6788

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