Miley Cyrus Brings Agender Date to amFAR, You Don’t Hate Something She Does

Miley Cyrus takes a stand against something unrelated to nontraditional underwear materials. Not surprisingly, this 22-year-old sexed-up toddler used an event to voice her beliefs. Surprisingly, Cyrus, the person responsible for the lyrics “So la da di da di, we like to party, dancing with Molly, doing whatever we want” is not so self-absorbed she can’t think of others.

Cyrus, while being recognized for her work in the fight against AIDS at amFAR’s sixth annual Inspiration Gala, showed up with date Tyler Ford, former The Glee Project contestant, photographer, biracial, and agender person. The outspoken advocate/once Disney Channel slave…err star…wants to use her celebrity to help bring awareness to vulnerable populations like those in the LGBTQ community.

In her fight to give those groups finding their positive place in media help, Cyrus has launched a new campaign on Instagram, a silly sounding thing you can do if you’re rich. Branding the photos with #InstaPride, Cyrus posts photos of people across the gender spectrum. Most recently, her amFAR date has graced the iPhone screen with glamour shots accompanied with his comment:

“My whole life, I was led to believe that there were only two genders. I thought I had to shrink myself to fit into a box that was never going to contain me. It took years for me to find words for my gender identity, and to feel comfortable expressing myself as I am.”

Also being recognized for his work in the fight against AIDS, Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen, spoke for possibly the first time in surprisingly complimentary and well-spoken terms,

“Our names have never been spoken in the same sentence so I’m honored tonight. She’s an original and she’s a fighter and she speaks to a whole, new generation.”

Mainly, it’s surprising that both Andy Cohen and Miley Cyrus are coherent enough to help other people, since their entertainment personalities strongly suggest otherwise. Welcome to your new conflicting feelings about the dissonant relationship of grimacing every time Miley does something while simultaneously feeling like she does good advocate work; therapy, here you come.

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