More Proof Being Bald and Fat Doesn’t Matter If You’re Rich

Each $10 million dollars adds an extra inch to your penis. That’s the going conversion rate right now. But then again, if you ball out and don’t even think twice about reserving the penthouse suite in Las Vegas, being a bald, overweight old dude doesn’t even matter. Case in point: Kelsey Grammer.

That guy made $1.6m PER EPISODE for Frasier. $75m in 2 years and he can retire just off those two seasons. But on top of that, he gets money from Cheers, residuals from that AND Frasier, the guy has the best life. And currently, he stars in Boss.

Nevermind he can’t even see his toes or probably can only see the last few inches of his penis. He’s a porker, enjoying the good life and able to marry women like his wife, Kayte (sidenote: lose the pretentiousness, there’s no ‘y’ in Kate).

Kayte’s probaby a gold digger, but a good one. She broke up Kelsey’s previous marriage; it was worth it though. Who’s on the beach now, mothafucka!! Frolicking around with a coconut in hand. That’s how you do it ladies. If you have trouble dating, you’re doing it wrong. Just ask Kate (with a ‘y’) Grammer.

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