Much Anticipated ‘Fallout 4’ Trailer Released and I Know What That Is Because I Have a Brother

Highly anticipated Fallout 4 has released a hype-inducing trailer being described by one commenter as, “Just creamed a bit…”

In the title, when I described Fallout 4 by saying “I know what it is”, I should clarify that I actually know very little about Fallout…and video games in general. My knowledge sort of begins and ends with Hot Wheels Turbo Racer on the PS1. I would have gotten to play it if my brother wouldn’t have hoarded our shared gift; Santa brought that for both of us, Mark.

To put us on the same page, I have made you an itemized list of my Fallout knowledge:

1. It is a video game

2. It has that character who was prevalent in memes before middle-aged moms ruined them. I am unclear as to the theme of those memes as I haven’t seen one for at least 18 months. #blessed.

This is the end of my list.

I gather that Fallout 4 promises to be a big release this year as one of my Facebook friends says, “Omfg must buy today!!!!!!” That’s a full OMFG not simply an OMG. The extra letter really encases the increased excitement.

For those of you who have a better knowledge of video games than myself, let me point out the Easter eggs in the released photo. Well, just that they are there, I can’t really tell you what they are; enjoy playing “I Spy”. I can also inform you that Fallout 4 is going to be current gen only, so it looks like I’m going to need to upgrade if I ever get my turn on the PS1.

Check out the trailer here:

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7 years ago

Fallout is one of de bestest RPGs out there. My poor husband is NOT looking forwards to the release of fallout 4. Wifey won’t be doing anything except playing and the occasional shower when it comes out ;)
Seriously try it if none o’yas has already.
If an almost 38 yr old loves it….you might too!

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