NYC Car Issued Multiple Parking Tickets While Driver Sits Dead in Front Seat

Even death won’t save you from New York traffic wardens, whose title even conveys the level of pretentious assholery that comes with issuing parking tickets.

Lately, NYC’s finest…at-basically-being-the-worst, have been decorating recently deceased 47-year-old Mamadou Barry’s car with parking violation tickets while he sat dead in the front seat. Nope, they didn’t call the real police, they handled it themselves. It’s only imaginable they additionally wrote the tickets right in front of his unmoving body.

The car was eventually found in a zone banning parking from 11:30 am through 1 pm with two parking tickets, one inside dated for June 23 and another on the windshield. The day police were finally called, wardens had ticked both the car in front and behind of Berry’s but not his vehicle. So there’s how to not get a parking ticket in New York City, already have two and be very, obviously dead in the front seat.

Because it seems unlikely no one noticed the Uncle Bernie-ing, policing are investigating if Barry was seen but not reported, or whether he had some really convincing googly eyeglasses. They are also looking into why he wasn’t given a third violation.

Barry’s death appears to be of natural causes and not from the shocking price of a NYC parking ticket. He was allegedly dealing with health problems that required medication and somewhat frequent hospital visits to which he would drive himself. If you have a car in New York, I suppose you should make the most of it; caskets are expensive!

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