Paris Hilton Cries for Her Life When She Thinks She’s Going to Die in Plane Prank

Some people found this Paris Hilton prank quite satisfying. That’s because the only time she isn’t walking around with her nose high in the air is when she brings it down to sniff a line of cocaine. Allegedly.

An Egyptian show, Ramez in Control, an awesome title by the way, rolled out a fake red carpet for Hilton in Dubai. TV host Ramez Galal tricks her into an aerial tour of the city. A cabin full of actors and actresses fill out the plane. The flight starts fine enough with some small talk and Hilton’s really annoying, Valley girl voice. It then starts to veer to the side and alarms go off. “What the f**k,” Hilton shouts. Yea Paris, you’re about to get fucked. Fucked by Ramez.

Paris asks “Is this normal?” and then the power cuts off. That’s when everyone freaks out which causes Hilton to start crying. Her face contorts into the ugliest crying face ever. The Botox keeps her forehead oddly smooth as she cries.

More shouting and then a couple of actors put on parachutes and jump out of the plane. Umm, okay, totally natural while flying in Dubai, we assume?

Paris keeps shouting and crying and going berserk. It’s like you told her they sold out of her favorite Louis Vitton bag.

Towards the end, Ramez shouts that they are crashing into the water and pushes Hilton’s head down. Which is odd in a way. Like looking for a final blowjob before they die.

When they get off the plane, Ramez reveals, guess what, you’ve just been Pranked! Or punked! Or had! Or whatever. Hilton, still shaken, calls it crazier than Punked or anything she’s ever encountered.

Fake or real? Who knows. Everything’s fake now, isn’t, even when it’s real. We live for the robot master race anyway.

Can’t wait for the next celeb prank where they put a hood on a celeb and trick them into thinking they’re about to be beheaded.

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8 years ago

I am not a fan of Hilton, I don’t really dislike her either. But that was just cruel! And Chuck you are still just a bottom feeding scum.

8 years ago
Reply to  avalon

I agree 100%