Park Your Car Illegally in a Handicapped Zone and Brazil Will Turn It into a Parade Float

Is there anything worse than someone parking like an asshole? Conversely, is there anything better than seeing said asshole be served some sweet, sweet vigilante justice?

Some Batmanly Brazilians decided to take the fate of an illegal handicap parkers’ car into their own hands. That or they thought he forgot his placard and decided to create a giant, car-fitting one for him, parade style. Covering every inch of the car in blue ticker tape with white handicap emblems on every side, the car was looking its Macy’s Thanksgiving best…Or Cinco de Mayo…It looks pretty piñata-y too.

Somehow, this embellishment did not please the man who had to take the walk of shame to his car in front of the hoards photographing, videoing, and cheering. Watch him struggle to unwrap the least wanted gift wrapping ever done. Perhaps social ridicule is the best way for this lazy parker to learn his lesson and could be implemented more often.

Now that you’ve had your laugh at douchey parking man, take a moment to consider the work that went into the elaborate parading of his car. If you even took a moment to think that maybe he had a good reason for parking like a supervillain, take this moment to realize a group of people had enough time to see that, devise a plan of attack, go out and purchase decorations, and then absolutely smother his car. Even for a culture that celebrates Carnival, that is some dedication. This is basically a work of art, sweet, sweet vigilante justice art.

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