Rachel Dolezal, Still Pretending To Be Black, May Get Reality Show

Give it up for Rachel Dolezal, the fake black ex-NAACP president. She’s quite persistent. Dolezal still hasn’t copped to being NOT BLACK! And now, of course, reality show offers are coming in. Cha-ching! Who says blacks can’t make it in Hollywood?

Dolezal, currently in New York City after appearing on TODAY Tuesday morning, has been “offered two reality shows from different production companies,” an insider told Radar. “The offers were made last week along with several others that were just outrageous. Rachel recognizes that she is going to need an agent and a publicist, and is going to be hiring a professional team in the next few days.”

“Rachel wants to use all of the publicity to raise awareness about race relations,” the source said.

Wow, her committment…Commitment, or delusion? You decide.

Dolezal made her way to the talk shows naturally. The Today show grilled her and this woman must be totally immersed in her fantasy world.

“I was drawing self-portraits with the brown crayon instead of the peach crayon, and black curly hair…

“I do take exception to that because it’s a little more complex than me identifying as black or answering a question of, are you black or white?”

Oh wait, wait. Did you say, you drew yourself with brown crayons? Ohhh, okay, even though being black or white is “complex” as Dolezal puts it, when it comes to crayons…THAT’S when you find out who you really are. Here, let me draw a ton of money falling from the sky. *checks bank account* Oh wait, guess what? DIDN’T WORK, STILL POOR! You are white Dolezal, give it up.

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