Smash Mouth Singer Threatens to Beat Any Fan Who Tries to Feed Him

Times are tough, but Smash Mouth lead singer, Steve Harwell, won’t take any handouts. During Sunday’s concert at the Taste of Fort Collins festival in Colorado, fans threw loaves of bread at Harwell. Instead of gobbling them up like the portly fellow he is, Harwell acted all tough and promised to beat the ass of any bread thrower.

“I’m gonna beat your ass, whoever you are out there. Walk your bad ass up here. Come on, badass… You bring your ass onstage…I’m telling you right now, I’m gonna beat the f**k out of you. You’re a pussy, punk, bitch.. You’re ruining a show for thousands of people right now, because I’m gonna walk offstage and guess what, you’re paying for it, motherfucker, OK?”

Thousands? *crowd looks around* “Not only does this dude have a temper, he can’t count. I see about tree fiddy.”

You know what’s ruining the show? Your band’s crappy music, Steve. Seeing as how you haven’t had a hit since before My Space was invented, better grab a basket and catch all the bread for that proverbial rainy day.

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