‘Star Wars’ Jake Lloyd Lives Up To Child Star Stereotype Again, Beats His Mother

Young Anakin Skywalker actor did something more annoying than his character and recent car chase combined, decided to go off his schizophrenia meds and consequently attacked his mother.

With his recent car chase snafu, Jake Lloyd has been in the news for his perpetuation of the child star stereotype. This coverage has brought out his earlier actions which both keep alive the crazy-child-star thing and totally align with my thoughts he’s really taken on a trashy lifestyle.

The event happened on March 26 in Indianapolis when Lloyd showed up at his mother Lisa’s house yelling that she ruined his life. No Jake, your whiny acting ruined our lives, way to screw up Star Wars.

Being the only intelligent adult in the situation, Lisa refused to let her unmedicated son in the house. This, of course, caused Lloyd to hulk out and break down the door and stomp on her a few times; so much love. Even though she suffered abrasions and bruising, plus additionally called the police, Lisa declined to press charges against her son, who has clearly still not grown out of his whiny stage.

Lisa confirmed with TMZ that Lloyd began showing signs of schizophrenia when he was 19 and plans to get him help again, you know, once he’s out of jail for all that car chase stuff.

Don’t go off your meds, kids. Or more aptly don’t expect to be a functioning adult after being a child star…And then go off your meds.

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