‘Suicide Squad’ Director Hires On Set Therapist In Case Will Smith Starts Method Acting

Suicide Squad director David Ayer hires on-set therapist just in case Will Smith decides to start method acting, or alternatively, it could possibly have something to do with Jared Leto’s crazy pants in-character gifts he sent to the cast.

Living in an era of method actors getting taken over by their villainous characters, Ayer seems to be taking appropriate steps keeping the cast members on good mental grounds. The film has been rumored to be very dark, to which I have to point out any film not facetiously using the word “suicide” in the title should be.

Adam Beach, playing Slipknot in the film, talked to E!:

“David Ayer is about realism. So if your character is tormented, he wants you to torment yourself. He wants the real thing. We kind of have like a therapist on board if you fall off the wagon and really are villainous. There’s a friend of [Ayer’s] that’s very unique in making sure we have our ground.”

With current trends in comic book films, how soon till we get to method acting the original cut of Battle Royale. Better yet, let’s just costume and make-up the actors and drop them in a Hunger Games-style Gotham set. Now that would be some authentic acting.

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