Taylor Swift Still Out Collecting Friends. This Time It’s Selena Gomez

Taylor Swift is Machiavellian. The evidence has become quite clear. She’s trying so hard to prove she belongs. Probably because she was the high school band geek. It’s Mean Girls come to life. She’s out there hanging with Gigi Hadid, pulls in Cara Delevingne to her little clan, tries to find ways to stick it to Kendall Jenner. Very conniving.

Now, she’s making sure everybody sees her with Selena Gomez. One more Hollywood celeb added to her band of misfits. Alas, Gomez needs Swift to get back at Bieber. Quite confusing. They need a battle royale to end this once and for all. Naked.

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thomas h
thomas h
9 years ago

Um, Taylor has been friends with Selena for years, since they were young teenagers. Check your facts.