Trailer Released for ‘Boulevard’, Robin Williams’ Final Acting Role

The trailer for Robin Williams’ final dramatic film was recently released, giving fans the sort of uncomfortable feeling that this movie may hit too close to home. Boulevard is the story of a depressed and aging man’s final confrontation with his closeted sexuality.

Almost like watching a ghost, the trailer follows a clearly distressed Williams’ realization his life hasn’t been what he wanted. “Are you happy? You’ve been here 25 years, right?” he’s asked by his boss. “Almost 26,” Williams’ faux cheerily qualifies before his boss finishes by prying, “you must’ve thought of making a change from time to time.”

Exploring what it means to come to terms with transforming your life, the trailer hints that Williams takes a leap to explore feelings he’s buried for years, involving himself with a much younger man he seems to meet by the guiding hand of fate.

Almost cathartically, the movie seems to be about making changes to become who you want to be, matter where you are in life. The trailer piques interests finishing with Williams’ line, “It’s never too late to start finally living the life you really want.”

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