What’s Better than Rachel Dolezal’s Speechless Interview? Maya Rudolph Impersonating it

Why does Maya Rudolph carry a big curly wig? To give a fantastic impersonation of pretty-white NAACP ex-president, Rachel Dolezal.

Popping a curly Afro out of her purse, Rudolph showed off her impersonation of Dolezal’s speechless impromptu interview while on Late Night with Seth Meyers Tuesday. Relating it to Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin days, Rudolph stated her skills have been in high demand.

The impersonation was of the ABC affiliate interview where, when asked about her ethnic background, Dolezal turtled inside herself and just went with answers of not understanding the question, and helpless silence. Late Night first showed the actual interview for comparison.

It’s upsetting she already resigned; we got a whole political season of Palin. Hopefully, Dolezal give Rudolph another chance to show off her true talent; please get your hair braided, please get your hair braided.

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