Woman Finally Upgrades Her Computer, Unknowingly Recycles an Apple I Worth $200,000

You know that old computer you have sitting around your house? Well, It’s worth nothing, but if you can convince some Silicon Valley electronics recycling firm you’re a woman in her mid-60s who unknowingly dropped off an original Apple-1 computer, you could make $100,000.

With as sleek a design as the Mac Pro, the Apple I is a 1976 model that originally sold for $666.66, the most illogical price ever, and allegedly only a few dozen of them still exist today.

Just to clarify, a woman in Silicon Valley had an original Apple I and had no idea it was worth anything, even though it looks like the equivalent of cave drawings for computing devices. Or more likely, as a resident of Silicon Valley, is already rich enough to not care about the payoff of her vintage Mac. Victor Gichun, vice-president of the recycling firm, Clean Bay Area, couldn’t believe it either.

“We really couldn’t believe our eyes. We thought it was fake,” Gichun said upon digging through the boxes a few weeks after they were dropped off…

The company policy is to give 50 percent of all items sold back to the original owner. For the computer, they fetched $200,000 in a private auction.

That’s right middle-aged ladies, this is tempting! It probably won’t work for you since the recycling vice president knows exactly what she looks like, but the option is out there. Here’s to wondering if she upgraded to iMac G3.

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