Young Anakin Skywalker Relives Pod Racing Scene Poorly, 117 MPH Car Chase Resulting in Crash

A former child actor again does something stupid, young Anakin Skywalker involved in a high-speed chase. “Welp, that’s his thing,” exasperate not-surprised people everywhere.

As witnessed by his above mug shot, Jake Lloyd, aka baby Anakin Skywalker, seemingly got super white trash after making his share of the worst Star Wars money.

The chase started in Charleston, South Carolina, when cops tried to pull the 26-year-old over for cruising his Nissan at 80 MPH. Because he’s just got pod racing in his blood, Lloyd decided this was a perfect opportunity to speed up and drive as erratically as possible. He recklessly wove past cars over the double yellow lines, used the median to pass vehicles, and clocked his speed in as high as 117 MPH before losing control of his car, running off the road, through a fence, and finally colliding into some trees. Allegedly, Lloyd forgot he was driving a Nissan; a car truly know for its high speed potential.

After landing in a nice shady grove of trees, he was taken into custody and charged with reckless driving, failure to stop, resisting arrest, and, what is most puzzling to me, driving without a license.

Basically, he just did a really crappy job of reliving the former glory (was anything in The Phantom Menace “glory”?) of the pod racing scene. Or perhaps he just wanted people to remember him from something else other than being the whiney kid from Star Wars…and Jingle All The Way…or maybe deducing recent actions the kid, now adult, is just a brat.

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