Ariana Grande — ‘I Hate Americans. I Hate America.’

Ariana Grande’s not grasping how celebrity works. You’re supposed to profess your love for America on the 4th of July, not say how much you hate it. That’s not the worst of it.

In a video obtained by TMZ, the junior sized diva hangs out with new boyfriend, Ricky Alvarez. They wait around at the donut shop and each dare the other to lick the donuts on the counter. Grande looks around before slipping a tiny bit of her tongue onto the unsuspecting donut. Alvarez does the same. Grande then laughs out loud like a nasally hyena.

If you’re gonna lick a donut Ariana, give it the full tongue. She stuck hers out like someone giving a blow job for the first time. You know, as if the dick’s gonna bite back.

Later on, they wander to the other side of the counter and do the same thing. There are now two disease-infested donuts that some lucky customer probably swallowed later. It’s recommended you call CDC.

The clerk then brings out a fresh tray out of donuts for Grande to which she shouts “What the f**k is that? I hate Americans. I hate America.” Dammit, who can hate maple donuts. Now, THAT’S un-American.

Just goes to show, turn the cameras off and celebs become your worst nightmare. Entitled, spoiled, arrogant humans. As punishment, she should be forced to lick a million donuts. After they’ve been dropped on the ground in a Chinese restaurant.

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