Beer Pong Player Accidentally Shoots Two When Trying to Distract Opponent With Gun

It doesn’t matter what sport you are playing, it’s just good strategy to have a distracting defense. While most beer pong players use drunken yelling, mocking, and dancing to befuddle their opponents, Manus Shannon decided to pull out a gun.

This Chicago-area man did not only brandish a 9mm semiautomatic, he also accidentally fired the gun when his friend and opponent pushed it away during their 4th of July pong match. Apparently, Shannon was only trying to distract his opponent which, to be fair, it’s pretty distracting when someone pulls out a semiautomatic gun.

When the gun accidentally disarmed, the shots were not Yosemite Sam shots into the air, Shannon hit his opponent in the finger, and another man who was texting nearby in the shoulder.

The victims drove themselves to a nearby hospital to wait in an emergency line with the other regular, fireworks injured 4th of July victims. Shannon was arrested and is being held on $100,000 bail.

[H/T DNAInfo Chicago]

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