Benicio del Toro to be ‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ Villain?

LucasFilm is already preparing for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to be amazing because the prequels were obviously even better than the original trilogy! Umm seeing all the crucial characters of the originals as basic boring little kids? Hell yeah.

So yeah, they’re basically fast tracking to the next episode of the series, Star Wars Episode VIII. First up, gotta find your villain (probably Darth Something-or-Other); which in this case, Benicio del Toro has been offered the role.

Del Toro has been seen working in the Disney realm recently as The Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy. To remember who The Collector was in the movie, I took the liberty of FaceTiming my boyfriend who knows a vagina drying amount about Star Wars.

He got really excited and brought up Patton Oswald’s Parks and Recreation filibuster, “Maybe they’re trying to tie in Marvel Universe to Star Wars just like he said! Maybe [Del Toro] will be playing The Collector in the Star Wars Episode VIII!

His expert (okay guys, let’s just call him an expert for his sake) opinion is that the Villain will be a High Ranking Empire Remnant Commander trying to collect forces of the Empire together after the death of the Emperor to retake control of the Galaxy.

He also really hopes Adam Driver’s (I know him because of Girls, obviously) villain character doesn’t die off in Awakens because “that would be just lame.”

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