Bill Cosby Got Quaaludes From His Gynecologist, Procured Broke Girls from Modeling Agency

You may wonder where Bill Cosby got those prescriptions for Quaaludes he required for totally legit non-sexual assult-y reasons. Well, the Washington Post reports that Bill Cosby would turn to his gynecologist.

If you are puzzled, thinking, “A gynecologist is like a lady doctor right? They deal with vaginas… what gives?” I was too. Apparently, this specific gyno, LeRoy Amar, was just a sweet, caring, Hollywood doctor looking out for his patients and friends in the 1970s. Yeah, his friends were recreational drug user celebrities and partiers, but they were super awesome, good people who would not use his Quaalude prescriptions to try to have nonconsensual sexual relations with underage girls!

Apparently, the prescriptions from Amar were for Cosby’s sore back, but according to Cosby’s recently released deposition from 2005, the vagina doctor knew Cosby had no intention of taking them himself.

Amar was known for signing prescriptions and giving them out to whoever wanted them; it was the 70’s – free love, man! The doctor periodically lost his license only to move and practice somewhere else. He was also a plastic surgeon, a bad plastic surgeon, who once performed breast augmentation with only a local numbing agent when he couldn’t get someone to administer general anesthesia causing the implants to explode through the stitches.

Well, that answers that. Now how did this married, television-father-figure get in touch with the lay-days? Ohhh, because he had a deal with a New York modeling agency where they’d set him up with dinner dates in his dressing room with the best and brightest young, struggling, out-of-town models.

See, he’s just helping those out who were struggling financially! If they were enticed by his sexual charms, how could he help it!

From the 2005 deposition reported by The Washington Post:

“It’s a very, very good meal, probably better than anything they’ve had the time that they’re in New York,”

You’re a saint Bill Cosby, you’re a saint.

Believe it or not, some of these struggling models are the girls that later came forward to say Cosby had pressured them into sex. You don’t say.

One of the witnesses, Jennifer Thompson, gives us a glimpse into her lovely dinners with Cosby where he told her parents he’d take care of her. His caring heart was actually the reason they let her move to New York.

“He said, ‘Get that magazine, pick an outfit and I’ll get you that outfit. You’ll wear that outfit and we’ll go out to a nice dinner. And then you can come back here…and you can have Amaretto, your favorite, and you’ll be tired so you can just stay here and sleep on the couch.’”

Later in his caring relationship, he pressured her into giving him a sad hand job at his house for $700 which he stands by as being totally consensual. When Thompson wanted to come forward, he, like in other cases, offered her college money to go away… because it was totally consensual.

Good thing he wanted to help out those easily exploitable people, OH WAIT, err, I mean, broke, out-of-town models. Thanks for hooking him up LeRoy Amar and random New York modeling agency. Without your help, so many women would be living happy normal, non-assulted-by-Bill-Cosby lives.

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