Calvin Harris Plans to Drop a Half-Mil on Taylor Swift Engagement Ring

Taylor Swift’s breakup albums may be about to severely suffer; Calvin Harris is getting ready to propose. What do you do when you’re a famous whatever-you-call-his-job? You get your lay-day her dream ring. Taylor’s dream ring? A big ol’ chunky ring and Harris is about to drop $500,000 on the perfect one.

Just, what the actual heck. I’m currently bridesmaiding in a wedding that could be produced every year for the next 100 years with that kind of money and that money is just his allotment for the ring!!

PLUSPLUSPLUS they have been dating for four months, FOUR MONTHS. I can barely decide on a shampoo to use for four months!

Apparently, Harris has been bugging all Swifty’s friends trying to get a hint at her tastes in jewelry, but is unsure where to actually propose because she has so many favorite places. Originally, he was leaning towards one of those romantic European Paris or Italy cities, but apparently he’s leaning towards Nashville where she has one of her homes. Yes homeS, with an “s.”

Now, before I let myself be totally repulsed by the allotted half-million dollar budget that is rumored to include minimally a 10 carat Neil Lane diamond, I have to remember that the “rule” is 3 months salary soooo I guess it’s kosher. Whatever, be happy, Mazel tov.

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