Cheater Gets a Fitting Birthday Surprise

So you catch your significant other cheating near their birthday, how do you reciprocate the wonderful surprise they gave you? Obviously, pack all their stuff and masquerade it as a birthday present!

Here we meet Bianca (cheater) and her soon to be ex-boyfriend. In the biggest travesty ever, the video cuts off right before the reality-TV-style drama.

“What is going on? Are you packing my sh*t?”
“Because I busted you cheating on me.”

How do you not notice your significant other’s pissed off tone when they are about to give you a birthday surprise, Bianca? Kudos to the ex-boyfriend who internalized his anger to make sure he could give Bianca the birthday surprise of a lifetime; you have to enjoy the obvious excitement you can hear in his voice.

Other ideas what you can get your cheating SO for their birthday? Take them to a super nice dinner, call them out, leave them with a nice check. Wrap a bunch of presents that all contain evidence of their cheating. Throw them a surprise party where you and your closest friends and family with catch that cheater in the act. Actually, the last one is the answer; just do that.

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