Chrissy Teigen’s Bare Breasts Invade France

Chrissy Teigen’s out to prove that hey tits, they’re ok. Don’t be scared of them. She’s been on a campaign of toplessness across America and now continues the march towards France. The French are way more liberated than America. If you wear a bra at their beaches, you might as well draw on a Hitler moustache and goose step through the Atlantic Coast. That’s how much you’ll stand out.

Never cover those babies up Chrissy. We need your bold voice against chestal injustice across this great country. You are the Rosa Parks of your generation. If Rosa Parks had ripped off her blouse and bra on that Alabama bus, instead of, you know, sitting in the front.

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8 years ago

Lots of good stuff here. People especially need to understand controlling fat is good but when you eat a fat free item alone your brain gets zero signals that you ate anything so you remain ravenous and either eat too much of the item or go on to eat something else.