Deadly ‘Atomic Wedgie’ Gets Guy 30 Years in Prison

Who knew schoolyard pranks could be so deadly? Brad Lee Davis pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter earlier this year for killing his stepfather with an ‘atomic wedgie’. News OK reports;

The victim, Denver Lee St. Clair, 58, died after he was knocked unconscious and the elastic band from his ripped underwear was pulled over his head. The band ended up pressed tightly against his throat, strangling him.

The victim also suffered head wounds that prosecutors say would have been fatal if he hadn’t died from the wedgie first.

Once a bully, always a bully. Now Davis gets 30 years in the slammer where he’ll realize pretty fast that being the ‘atomic wedgie’ guy gets no cred at all.

The judge said he was troubled Davis took cellphone photos of the unconscious victim even though the victim was gurgling and clearly in distress from the wedgie. The judge also agreed with prosecutors that Davis beat his stepfather with some kind of object and then staged the crime scene to make it look more like an all-out fight.

Luckily, Davis didn’t Snapchat those photos out. Would’ve been a few more years added on for that.

Someone tell this guy “No wedgies, no wet willies, and no swirlies” in jail. Inmates HAAAATE those pranks. And they have zero senses of humor. They just end up raping you.

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