Ed Hardy Designer Dies. Millions of Bros in Mourning

The patron saint of wannabe MMA fighters everywhere passed away today. Christian Audigier, designer for Ed Hardy and Von Dutch, evidently lost a bout with cancer. All those skulls and dragons couldn’t help him in the end.

Audigier tried fighting off Myelodysplastic Syndrome, which if it’s as hard to battle as it is to pronounce, wasn’t much fun. The dude also worked with Guess, Diesel, American Outfitters and a bunch of other brands you typically walk right pass in the mall.

A.V. Club sums him up well:

He then took his uniquely spangled design sensibility to Ed Hardy, creating one of the signature looks of the era by licensing the tattoo artist’s designs and putting a bunch of rhinestones on them.

Ed Hardy, so great in filtering out the douchebags of the world. Your rhinestones will be missed.

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