Woman Attacks Boyfriend Like a Cat After He Refuses Her Sexually

Take a good, hard look at the above mugshot. Can you believe that beautiful woman with her ombréd hair got denied sex by her boyfriend?! Neither can… Oh wait, you answered differently.

Georgia sexpot Tabathia Lee Grooms was a little peeved after her boyfriend turned down her sexual initiations so when she got home later that night and saw him sitting on the couch she decided the best course of action would be to attack him… like a cat.

Grooms channeled her inner pissed off pussy by scratching him on the face, head, and neck, and then biting him on the arm. Since her boyfriend could not just drop her and toss her into the other room, also, since it’s clear, unlike a cat, she didn’t want to be left alone, he decided to go set up camp in the bathroom and call 911.

When authorities made it to the house, Grooms still wasn’t ready to comply; she refused to give her name and threatened to run over a deputy with a baby stroller. Basically, if you are familiar with The Amanda Show from turn of the millennium Nickelodeon, this seems like an extended hillbilly moment.

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?

I ain’t tellin’

I ain’t tellin’ who?

Î ain’t telling who’s gonna run you over with a baby stroller! 

In the biggest non-shocker of this case, Grooms admits she had been drinking. Now, how a baby stroller plays into this is still is confusing since it seems as if there are no children in this situation other than Grooms herself. And when I refer to Grooms being a child I’m not being farcical, somehow her mother was included in the situation (my money is on this being her house) and Grooms punched her 66 year-old face directly in the eye.

Unfortunately, it looks as if the Georgia Tourism Board will not be taking on “Visit Georgia or We’ll Run Ya’ll Over With a Baby Stroller” as their new slogan. Ya win some, ya lose some, Tabathia.

[Via WLOX]

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