Gisele Bundchen Burqas Her Face in Shame After Surgery on ‘Deflated Boobs’

It has always been a joke to hide yourself in a paper bag to disguise and hide your ugliness. Unexpectedly, Gisele Bundchen has brought to life this platitude.

The retired model was caught using a burqa as a disguise after a secret plastic surgery. Bundchen and her sister were photographed heading back to her hotel, to pick up their belongings, and then to celebrity/rich-person spa Le Sources do Caudalie. Both made the trip donning the Muslim garment, a pretty solid way to blend in, in Paris during the month of Ramadan, you’d think, except the burqa was banned in France in 2010. Bundchen also recently vowed to never undergo plastic surgery on her runway retirement in April.

This whole disregard of law did not fly in the city of Paris and the lovely people of France complained just the way you’d think French people would complain. “C’est ridicule!!!!” exclaimed a poster to the French gossip site, Public. “To be photographed in a burqa is ridiculous!!!! Especially since it is forbidden in France to wear it!!!!” Many, many exclamation marks. I can only guess this commenter was drinking an espresso in a public square, smoking a cigarette with a scowl, wearing a black and white striped shirt, and probably a beret, if not at least a scarf for sure.

As far as that plastic surgery grandstanding, Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper published her April declaration that she had “learned to listen to her body,” adding, “Automatically, my body tells me if what I do is worth it, and it asked to stop. I respect my body; it’s a privilege to be able to stop.” Wow, congrats on that whole 3 month better-than-thou feeling, Gisele.

Sources claim she hid to cover work of her boobs and eyes that cost her an alleged $11,000. The work is said to be a 35th-birthday/post-retirement present to herself, over concern about her sagging breasts after having two children. Apparently, the eye work was just a bonus “if you get both boobs done you get your eyes for free!’ sort of deal. Unfortunately she did not commit fully to the burqa look and was given away by her open toe footwear.

“She would do better to fess up to the plastic surgery because that’s not shameful. I never found her to be beautiful and I definitely don’t like her now,” commented a Public reader I very much agree with. But, when you are the world’s highest-paid model (making $47 million last year – according to Forbes) and you have very adamantly grandstanded that you are better than plastic surgery, but then decide to get plastic surgery, let’s just say I understand the hiding in shame thing.

Let alone the hiding, people are taking religious offense to her actions… because they were religiously offensive. As said by a clerk at Islam Fashion in Astoria, Shazia ­Raheel, “This is a religious garment. It’s not so you can hide when you’re going for a doctor’s appointment.”

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